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Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse is when The Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun. The Earth casts a shadow onto our Moon which darkens the surface of the Moon and at totality the Moon appears blood red in colour. On the early hours of Monday the 28th of September the moon was at its perigee. This is the closest position that the Moon is to The Earth and appears to be larger when low on the Horizon.

Although a Lunar Eclipse is fairly common, having both these events occure at the same time is very rare. The last was 1982 and the next is 2033.

The next Total Lunar Eclipse visible in the UK will be the 21st of January 2019. Another early morning that will be!

So at Worthing Astronomers, many of us sat out into the early hours to wittness this rare event.

Below are a selection of images from our members.